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When you're at the start of your business journey there are so many new things to learn and so many cogs to get in place. What's my big vision? What problem does my offer solve? Do I understand my brand and ideal client? What's my sales and marketing strategy? Have I got the necessary legal protection?  


Yet the Cog that Makes the Biggest Impact Often Gets Overlooked


This vital piece keeps all the other cogs turning. It drives the business forward. It helps to attract new clients and retain current ones. It enables the business to grow, adapt and manoeuvre unforeseen challenges. It makes sure deadlines are met, sales are made and goals are celebrated. It is the most important asset the business has and yet is so often neglected.


When it is not working well, every area of the business suffers 

When it is Nurtured, Supported & Developed EVERY Area of the Business Excels

Investing in Yourself is Investing in Your Business

Female Founders are 3 x more likely to be affected by mental health concerns than non-entrepreneurs 

Over 50% of Female Founders report struggling with their mental health and wellbeing  

How Are You Choosing To Grow Your Business?

I make Sacrifices Now for Benefits Later

I Prioritse Sales at All Costs

I Only Focus on the End Goal, Never Stop or Look Back

I Don't Have Time for Self Care or Self Development

Costs of this path?

No Work Life Balance

Soul-less Business Lacking Authenticity

Limited Progression, Wasted Energy

Burn out, Anxiety & Struggle to Attract Clients

My Business goals compliment my personal circumstances

I have a Clear Purpose and Focus

I engage in Self Reflection & Review

Self Care & Self Development are Built into my Business

Costs of this path?

Balance & Stronger Time BoundariesClarity & Decisiveness, Aligned with Values

Informed Growth, Improvement & Progression

Self Belief & Resilience, Attract Clients with Ease

Are You Ready To Grow Well & Make Your Dreams Become Your Reality?

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Dr Frances Greenstreet Coaching Psychologist Wellbeing Expert

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Hello, I'm Dr. Frances Greenstreet, founder of Alpine Psychology supporting female founders to grow successful businesses without compromising their mental health and wellbeing.

I am COMMITTED to empowering more women to enter and stay in entrepreneurial careers by supporting them to develop the essential skills and must have knowledge that is needed to succeed.

I'm a registered Psychologist and Specialist Practitioner in Mental Health and Wellbeing with 6 years academic training and over 10 years experience supporting others to change behaviours, improve learning and prioritise & protect their mental health and wellbeing. 

I am ready to help you grow your business and make your dreams your reality.


Coaching for Female Founders guided by Current Scientific Research about What Works


Wellbeing - Happiness - Mindset - Resilience

Motivation - Goal Setting - Internal Voice

Self Belief - Leadership - Strengths - Fulfilment