Successful women in business do not do it alone. Building positive relationships with fellow founders, connecting with mentors and coaches can make the difference between those who succeed or not. Therefore women come to coaching and benefit from this vital support at many different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Where are you now?

Just Starting Out?

Stepping away from a corporate career or making a career change is empowering, exciting ..and a little bit scary! Maybe you've been burnt out before? Maybe you need a confidence boost? Maybe you're seeking clarity and direction?

Coaching Can Help You

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Business in Motion?

Growing a business is hard but you don't have to stay stuck or feeling alone. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by never-ending lists of things to do? Balancing work and family life a constant struggle? Battling self doubts & your inner critic? Feeling out of energy and wondering if running a business is still for you?

Coaching Can help you

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Coming back from Burnout?

You know the consequences and are determined to come back stronger, wiser and healthier. Maybe you're not sure where to begin? Looking for advice about how to manage your wellbeing and still succeed? Want to fall back in love with your business and feel like you're protecting your sanity?

Coaching Can Help You

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You're committed, hardworking, dedicated and driven to grow your business and achieve your dreams, yet...

  • Having made this big leap of faith you sometimes catch yourself feeling paralysed in cycles of anxiety and self doubt and question, 'Can I really do this?'
  • You've experienced how stepping into a new identity is hard and despite all your skills and past experiences some days you feel unworthy, like you don't belong in your new space and question, 'Am I enough? Can I really help my ideal clients?'
  • You feel constantly guilty that your dream to build a brighter future is leading you to miss out on your children growing up / precious time with your family and friends, finding the right balance feels impossible and you don't want to constantly feel like you're letting everyone down.
  • You are working non-stop with an overwhelming to do list and it feels like you're giving every last thought in your head over to your business, unable to switch off or relax.
  • You are not willing to achieve your goals and triple your earnings by sacrificing your life and your sanity until you get there. You're beginning to think, 'I must find another way ...but I don't have the time...!'

You are Here Now.   You Have Made Time.

Simple Changes Can Make Huge Differences.

I Am Ready. 

Allow me to show you how


You can get there faster than you think using the latest simple techniques that researchers have proven to be effective

Coaching From A Trusted Expert

Psychologist Led Coaching brings you all the benefits of standard coaching (supporting you to move forwards, set goals, remain accountable, gain clarity) with the added bonuses of:

  • Peace of Mind that you're working with a regulated professional who follows strict codes of conduct and ethics
  • Assurance that the techniques and strategies you are taught have been developed from scientific research 
  • Confidence that you're in safe hands should anything unexpected arise that you need support with

Learn strategies and techniques that will propel you forwards now and support you in the future

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Success Without Compromising Wellbeing

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