Zero Compromise Female Entrepreneurs


I offer coaching for successful female entrepreneurs who want to leverage their strengths and unleash their true potential, creating businesses that are aligned with values mission and purpose and bring authentic happiness


Gone are the days of blindly accepting the mantra that you must put the work in now (aka work excess hours) and make sacrifices (be absent from family /social events) in order to have *true happiness* later. 

Working extra-long hours, compromising on family time and feeling constantly guilty that you’re not giving 100% in any area of your life is not how it has to be.

I don't subscribe to the discourse that women who want to lead successful businesses, raise a family and maintain positive mental health are somehow *greedy* or selfishly wanting to *have it all*


Success and fulfilment in careers and family life is not a luxury that is out of reach or can only come at the expense of one or the other. 

Success does not come at the expense of your mental health.

In fact research tells us that when you prioritise your mental health and wellbeing you become more engaged at work, have enhanced productivity and creativity and achieve greater success.

It's so easy to become swept up in a world that constantly reinforces that happiness and fulfilment comes when we reach a certain milestone, be that career, finance, relationship or lifestyle.

But if you're constantly focused on the destination, you blind yourself to noticing, appreciating and experiencing the accomplishment and achievements in your *oh so trivial* non-conforming day to day.

So here's to the Ladies who are:

  • In their mid 20's and already running 6 figure businesses with heart and soul and not a skirt suit in sight
  • In their early 30's who are building businesses while breastfeeding babies at night and re-finding their identity in the glow of motherhood
  • In their late 30's who are flourishing in their own skin, creating businesses with impact and know their true worth beyond expected societal milestones that are constantly thrown in their faces
  • In their 40's who have inspirational courage to tread new paths and create businesses that truly serve their passions and joy

Let’s continue to move forwards towards positive growth and accomplishment.

Yet within a world that so easily amplifies our inner critic, reinforces unhelpful stereotypes and puts limits on what we can and cannot achieve, maintaining unrivalled self-belief, persevering against the odds and succeeding while protecting our wellbeing is a big ask.

Especially if you try to go it alone.

I Am Here For The Ladies Who:

  • Have found themselves working more than 'living' the life they dreamed of creating … yet know there must be another way
  • Feel like they are constantly pulled in opposite directions, feeling guilty that they are not giving 100% to their business or to their family … yet know there must be another way
  • Have experienced successful growth and consistently hit monthly revenue generation targets yet feel anxious about the increasing pressure to maintain this success … and know there must be another way
  • Long to be free of anxiety, guilt and stress and blame themselves as they’ve been led to believe they don’t have a strong enough mindset … yet know there must be another way
  • Are trying to prioritise their wellbeing but are stuck continuing in a survival mode … yet know there must be another way
  • Have achieved their goals but at the expense of their wellbeing and are now determined to find another way

I See You!

There is Another Way!

I Can Be Your Number 1 Supporter If:

  • You want to learn how to unlock your true potential and become unstoppable in reaching your goals, without compromising your wellbeing 
  • You want to better understand yourself and how you can leverage your own unique set of strengths to enable you to thrive every day
  • You want to dig deeper into your mindset and learn evidenced based techniques to boost your resilience and feel competent and confident when faced with challenge
  • You want to know how to ensure your business goals are aligned with your values, mission and purpose and are therefore leading you towards authentic happiness
  • You want to feel happier in your day to day life and learn how you can balance achievement, wellbeing and relationships

Join My Group Coaching 

I'm looking for Ladies who are positive change makers! Ready to step into their success strengths, re-align their values, mission and purpose and understand how they can improve their wellbeing and work life balance, while still delivering in their business. 

I'm so excited for this programme and would LOVE for you to join me  with positive action to put yourself first, rediscover your true potential and let the good times roll!

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