Alpine Psychology Services was created to offer creative educational psychology advice, coaching and training grounded in positive psychology and a desire to help everyone flourish, thrive and achieve

Alpine Psychology Services was founded by Dr. Frances Greenstreet D.Ed.Ch.Psychol, BSc Psychology, Practitioner Psychologist.


Dr Frances Greenstreet is an innovative and creative Senior Educational Psychologist who has worked for over 10 years in local authority teams in the North West UK, under her maiden name of Dr. Frances Markland. She has a doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology from Manchester University and a First class Honours BSc Psychology from the University of Sheffield.

Dr Frances is extremely well regarded and known for her personable and supportive approach. She works from a strengths-based perspective and her work is underpinned by values of integrity and authenticity and a belief that everyone is capable of positive change


Dr Frances is a specialist practitioner in the area of social-emotional and mental health needs. She has extensive experience supporting schools with children in care, children at risk of exclusion and those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, developmental trauma, domestic abuse and anxiety. She understands the complexities of working within school systems and how to identify and work with the strengths already present in people and systems to create personalised support and lasting change.


Like many practitioners in the helping professions, the pandemic heightened her motivation to do more to help others. Driven by her passions for positive psychology and promoting staff and student mental health and wellbeing, Dr Frances established her own independent practice to enable her to focus more closely on these areas while also continuing to work consultatively with SENCo’s to deliver inclusive practice in schools.

Dr. Frances' vocation to help others comes from a family wide dedication to working in the helping professions. Both her parents were primary school teachers and she has a sister who is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist  and a sister who is a  Specialist Paediatric Speech and Language  Therapist. Across Aunts, Uncles and first cousins there are university lecturers in Early Years education, teachers working in primary, secondary and specialist education settings, a primary Head and a Secondary Head Teacher, a paediatric physiotherapist and two GPs!

Serving those who need support really is in the genes.

Outside of her professional life Dr. Frances is married and has the joy of  two young children keeping her active, smiling and constantly making snacks! The family love to be outdoors exploring, building dens in the house or (when allowed to) visiting Chester Zoo and local farms to see tractors!

The name Alpine Psychology was inspired by her husband's grandparents Peggy and Neville Greenstreet who started their photo finishing company Greenstreet Photographics at Alpine laboratories back in 1940's after the second world war. They operated a travelling cinema in Peak District villages in the Winter time and  processed photographs during the busier summer months. While they successfully helped thousands of people capture and keep treasured memories and moments of joy, Dr. Frances hopes she can continue this legacy, helping others to flourish, thrive and achieve.